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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Home Window Replacement

Windows are one of the first things a homeowner sees upon returning home at the end of the day, and choosing the wrong windows can greatly affect utility costs. If a homeowner is considering replacement windows, they should avoid these mistakes during the decision process.

Using Cost as the Sole Determining Factor

All windows are made differently. While it may be simple to base a decision on price alone, the customer may end up with windows that are worse than the current set. Instead of buying the most costly or the cheapest windows on the market, homeowners should consult an installer like Oregon Discount Windows for help finding the right windows for the home and for their budget.

Doing a DIY Window Replacement

Buying new windows in Portland Oregon is difficult enough, but going the DIY route can complicate things even further. While DIY can help families save hundreds in other areas, it can be disastrous and costly in terms of window replacement. Portland area homeowners should always call on a licensed installer when replacing windows, to protect themselves and their investment.


Improper Installation

Buying the most energy efficient windows does not necessarily guarantee that the customer will save money on utilities. In fact, a common mistake is improper installation. A poorly installed set of Windows Portland Oregon will have a shorter lifespan and decreased energy efficiency, and they may be harder to open and close.

Choosing Off-Brand Windows

When choosing Replacement windows in Portland Oregon, customers should choose a reliable brand. Replacement windows have a significant impact on a home’s energy efficiency, and they can affect heating and cooling bills for years. Some of the best quality brands include Vinylmax, Marvin, Ply Gem and Simonton, among others.

Not Asking Enough Questions Before and During the Installation Process

When looking for replacement windows for the home, customers should ask the installer plenty of questions. Clients should feel at ease with the knowledge that they’ve chosen the right company for the job. When working with a company in Portland, it’s important to ask questions before and after the replacement process.

Windows are one of the most important parts of the home, and they can last for decades in some cases. However, despite a homeowner’s best maintenance efforts, they may eventually need replacing. For help in selecting the right replacement windows for a home in or near Portland Oregon, customers should call a licensed, insured window installer in the area.